SPAI - FESPA AWARDS 2023 | 7 October 2023 | Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai.


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    For judging purposes please do not use your company name when writing your description.

    When explaining the techniques used please be as thorough as possible and reference any software, hardware and consumables you have used.
    Please note that you will be scored on the information you provide.

    Jacek Stencel, has more than 35 years’ experience in the print industry. Owner and founder of PASJA based in Poland – screen and digital printing and print finishing house, specialised in special effects printing with a multiple international awards company. President of Polish Association of Screen & Digital Printing PSSiDC – FESPA Member, Member of Polish Chamber of Print and ASDPT (American Academy of Screen and Digital Print Technologies), member of judging panels few printing local and international contests.
    With over three decades of experience in the print industry, Tarun Chopra is a highly skilled professional who has worked at grassroots levels and has extensive knowledge of prepress, printing and colour management. He was instrumental in setting up India’s first PSO-compliant print facility in Baddi; he played a crucial role in setting up India’s first PSO-compliant print facility in Baddi, demonstrating his deep understanding of industry standards and best practices. Chopra is also an accomplished writer, having authored many articles on print standardization and colour management in leading industry publications. He firmly believes that all parameters must be carefully controlled to achieve a stable production environment, not just the printing machine. Currently, Chopra owns a print facility in Delhi that offers a wide range of printing services, including digital, screen, and offset printing for various commercial applications.
    He was born to a poor family and his father was a drawing teacher in a small village and spent his early years at Tirupur. His father was a great influence on him in the art of drawing, though he did not like to enter the same field, however he had an eye on the works of artists. After early studies he started assisting his father on part-time work and began designing separately. He was kind of a pioneer who started first modernized screen making in Tirupur in the year 2000 which later helped in his growth and flowering of the business. Since high quality printing was unavailable he installed Automatic Printing Machins to provide high quality printing output. In 2010, he participated in the prestigious FESPA MUNICH competition for the printing industry and won a gold medal, people’s choice award and cash prize. After that in 2013 at the FESPA LONDON competition held in London he won two golds and was considered by people as the biggest achievement which he considers as the “HALL OF FAME”.


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